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Brenda Cadore joined Exencial Wealth Advisors in April 2016. She began her career in the financial services industry in 1985, working for Depository Trust Company, Merrill Lynch and Bank of New York. Brenda relocated from Brooklyn, New York to San Antonio, Texas in August 1989. She worked for a few companies until June 2000 when she entered the financial service industry. Brenda joined Netting & Pace, CPAs in June 2004 as a investment associate.

Brenda graduated from Hallmark University with a Certificate in Accounting in 2011 and a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Accounting from the University of Phoenix in 2015. She is currently a member of the University of Phoenix, Alumni Chapter.

Brenda is originally from Grenada and move to Brooklyn, New York with her family at the age of 15. Brenda has one son and three wonderful grandkids. She enjoys going to the movies, gym and spending time with her family.

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