Exencial Wealth Advisors provides corporations the opportunity to bring Exencial’s personal planning approach to key executives.

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By providing the cost of these services to executives, companies can demonstrate their commitment to key employees and help them ensure the financial security of their families.

The Value

Value to the Executive
  • A dedicated Exencial advisor to assist in financial planning and investment management
  • Regular meetings to establish personal financial goals, develop an action plan, monitor progress, and make adjustments as needed
  • All services discussed throughout this site
  • Company-provided benefits will be integrated into their personal financial plan
  • A better understanding and appreciation for company-provided benefits
  • The option to engage Exencial's INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT expertise
  • Time will be freed from the task of do-it-yourself financial planning or from the complication of coordinating multiple professionals on their behalf
Value to the Company
  • Unparalleled benefit to key executives
  • Benefit programs will be better understood and appreciated by executives
  • Executives can focus on company business knowing their personal affairs are being coordinated by a team of professionals
  • Utilization of the executive program as a means to attract new talent
  • By conducting meetings on-site, efficient use of the executive's time will be ensured
  • You can ensure your key executives are not the target of fraudulent, unscrupulous or incompetent people