Employee Spotlight: Meet Matt Ventura, Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor

July 9, 2019

At Exencial, our employees are the driving force behind everything we do. They make a huge difference in our clients’ lives through their dedicated and customized care, which is why we value taking the time to highlight their achievements and diverse backgrounds. Matt Ventura, Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor, is the perfect person to spotlight this quarter.

Matt’s interest in finance was sparked at home early on when his father taught him about the markets and showed him how to research and analyze stocks. He knew almost immediately this was the path he wanted to pursue.

Matt obtained a degree in agricultural economics with an emphasis in financial banking at Texas A&M University. One of Matt’s biggest takeaways from his college experience was the impactful relationships he had with his advisors. Today, Matt works to give back to the College of Agriculture through his involvement with the College of Agriculture Development Council at Texas A&M University.

Matt began his career in finance 20 years ago at a regional bank, where he was fortunate to work in a variety of roles over five years. From there, Matt took a position at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before moving on to run an insurance and investment practice with Northwestern Mutual. As Matt’s client relationships deepened, he recognized the need to provide them with unbiased guidance not tied to products or commission. He then transitioned from a brokerage role to a fiduciary role with a regional registered investment advisor. The change allowed Matt to focus on the holistic financial needs of his clients.

In his current role at Exencial, Matt helps clients across the country achieve their family, occupational and recreational goals. He passionately believes in going the extra mile to help his clients be great stewards of their wealth throughout their lifetime and beyond.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Jessica, and two daughters, Everly and Harlow. Staying active is very important to the Ventura family, and Matt is thrilled to be the T-ball coach for five-year-old Everly. The family also enjoys getting involved with their local church in Plano, TX. Something you may not know about Matt is that he is a car enthusiast and loves any opportunity to spend time behind the wheel.


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