We employ great people, here to serve you.

They’re driven, diligent, meticulous and proactive on your behalf. They are available to you, responsive to your needs, and always respectful.

We recognize and reward their dedication and their commitment to your success. We invest in them and encourage their inquisitiveness and interest in lifelong learning.

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"Every staff meeting, every investment committee meeting, every interaction with our peers is conducted in such a way that we would be proud to have our clients listening in." - John Burns

Our Team

Oklahoma City Office

John Burns Picture
John Burns

Tim Courtney Picture
Tim Courtney

Joy Parduhn Picture
Joy Parduhn

Jared Snider Picture
Jared Snider

Jan Pace
Jan Pace

Ami Black
Ami Black

Scott Morris Picture
Scott Morris

Caleb Dillard Picture
Caleb Dillard

Brandi Simmons Picture
Brandi Simmons

David Yepez Picture
David Yepez

Tana Sanger Picture
Tana Sanger

Chealita Bell
Chealita Bell

Pamela Wood
Pamela Wood

Marshall Welke Picture
Marshall Welke

Liza Tambunga Picture
Liza Tambunga

Daniel Routh Picture
Dan Routh

Nathan Weger Picture
Nathan Weger

Eli Glass Picture
Eli Glass

Brock Van Cleve Picture
Brock Van Cleve

Old Lyme, CT Office

Tom McGuigan Picture
Tom McGuigan

Jean Wilczynski Picture
Jean Wilczynski

Frisco Texas Office

Jerry P. Georgopoulos Picture
Jerry P. Georgopoulos

Rich Erwin Picture
Rich Erwin

Matt Ventura Picture
Matt Ventura

Derek Northup Picture
Derek Northup

Suzanne M. Fitzgerald Picture
Suzanne M. Fitzgerald

David Totah Picture
David Totah

Philip Ross  Picture
Philip Ross

Monica Sipes Picture
Monica Sipes

Andy Sayers
Andy Sayers

Robert Knode
Robert Knode

Neil Krishnaswamy
Neil Krishnaswamy

Dodie LaPiana Picture
Dodie LaPiana

Courtney Turner
Courtney Turner

Carly Carver Picture
Carly Carver

Steven Hamilton Picture
Steven Hamilton

San Antonio Office

Conrad Netting Picture
Conrad Netting

Don Pace Picture
Don Pace

Michelle Scarver Picture
Michelle Scarver

Ada Cartright
Ada Cartright

Barbara Caknupp Picture
Barbara Caknupp

Brenda Cadore Picture
Brenda Cadore

Cheryl Belk Picture
Cheryl Belk

Delia Garcia Picture
Delia Garcia

Dustin Schuetz
Dustin Schuetz

Manal Coleman Picture
Manal Coleman

Rachel Everly Picture
Rachel Everly

Julia Ellingwood Picture
Julia Ellingwood

Julie Cavanaugh Picture
Julie Cavanaugh

Kristin Carlton
Kristin Carlton

Mona Crone Picture
Mona Crone