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Find answers to common questions about Exencial's services and how we put your financial interests first.

Are you a fiduciary advisor?

Yes! As fiduciary advisors, we are legally, ethically, and morally obligated to prioritize our clients' interests above our own. This commitment ensures we:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest,
  • Make unbiased decisions that benefit you, not how we are compensated,
  • Treat our clients with the utmost care and consideration, akin to family.

What is the difference between a broker dealer and a fiduciary advisor?

  • Broker-Dealer: Typically makes markets for securities and often promotes house-brand investments. They operate under a "best interest" standard but may face conflicts of interest with proprietary products. They can earn commissions based on product sales, which may not always align with client interests.
  • Fiduciary Advisor: Held to a stricter standard, fiduciary advisors like us prioritize your best interests in all decisions. Our compensation is fee-based (either a set fee or a percentage of assets under management), which aligns our success with yours. We focus on providing unbiased financial advice and creating a comprehensive wealth management plan for you.

Are you a financial planner?

Yes, financial planning is integral to our services at Exencial Wealth Advisors. We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), meaning we adhere to a fiduciary standard that mandates putting our clients' interests first at all times.

How does Exencial differ from other advisory firms?

What sets Exencial Wealth Advisors apart is our commitment to personalized service and implementing our unique E3 process:

  • Evaluate: We assess your current financial situation and identify your financial goals.
  • Execute: We develop and apply customized strategies designed to meet your objectives efficiently.
  • Evolve: We continuously adapt your financial plan to suit changing conditions and goals.

Client-Centric Approach: We focus on creating long-term relationships, where we manage complexities and strive to achieve your life goals through dedicated teamwork and expert advice.

What are your different types of investment strategies?

Exencial Wealth Advisors offers diverse investment strategies tailored to meet various risk tolerances and investment goals:

  • Fixed Income: Focuses on low-risk bonds like US Treasuries and high-grade corporates to provide stable income.
  • Equity Income Strategy: Aims to generate steady income from equities across different sectors, balancing risk with potential returns.
  • Options Strategies: Enhances returns through call options, providing income while limiting downside risk.
  • Defensive Equity: Invests in stable, high-quality companies for consistent returns with lower volatility.
  • Core Equity and Value Strategies: Focus on long-term growth through fundamentally strong companies, using detailed analytical frameworks.
  • International and Thematic ETF Strategies: Targets international markets and sustainable, disruptive trends for higher growth potential.

Should my financial advisor manage all of my assets?

We recommend consolidating your funds under one advisor as this can significantly enhance your investment strategy:

  • Unified Strategy: Simplifies management and strengthens the coherence of your financial plan.
  • Personalized Investments: Tailors strategies to your specific financial goals and risk preferences.
  • Optimized Risk Management and Tax Strategies: Improves oversight and efficiency, potentially reducing costs and improving investment outcomes.

I have been doing this myself. How do I know I am okay or doing well?

Self-managing your finances can be challenging. Consider these to evaluate your performance:

  • Financial Planning Review: Assessing your entire financial landscape can reveal risk areas and opportunities for improvement.
  • Market Performance Comparison: Most self-managed portfolios underperform the market due to timing errors and lack of diversification.
  • Professional Assessment: A consultation can identify potential improvements in your strategy, enhancing returns and reducing risks.

Should I keep managing my own assets?

While self-managing can be appealing, bringing in the guidance of an advisor can provide invaluable financial leadership. Successful people have been leaders and have been led by leaders.

​​​​​​​Professional advisors offer significant advantages:

  • Disciplined Approach: Discipline is required to avoid emotional or ad-hoc decisions and more effectively capture return.
  • Expert Guidance: Provides leadership and comprehensive management across all financial disciplines.
  • Strategic Oversight: Helps navigate complex financial scenarios and market volatility, avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Holistic Approach: Integrates various financial aspects, from investments to estate planning, providing a cohesive strategy.

How does Exencial's fee-only structure benefit clients?

Our fee-only structure aligns with your interests:

  • Transparent Costs: You know exactly how we are compensated (via management, planning, or tax preparation fees).
  • Unbiased Advice: Eliminates conflicts of interest, as we don’t receive commissions based on the financial products recommended.

Visit our Pricing page to learn more. 

When should you meet with other members of my family?

We recommend we meet with you and your spouse/partner as part of the initial plan. It is also highly recommended that a family meeting, and/or next generation meeting take place as we progress with the relationship.

Key point: If they are important to you, they are important to us.

What do I get in the first year working with you?

During the first year:

  • Personalized Financial Review: We conduct a thorough review of your financial situation and craft a detailed plan.
  • Active Implementation: We apply robust strategies (Evaluate, Execute, Evolve) to achieve your financial goals.
  • Continuous Adaptation: Your plan evolves with your life changes, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Should I work with a local advisor, or is it okay to work remotely?

Choosing between a local advisor and working remotely depends on your preferences for communication and management:

  • Local Advisor Benefits:
    • Personal Interaction: Easier face-to-face communication which might be preferable for discussing complex financial matters.
    • Local Market Knowledge: Insights into local economic conditions and networks.
  • Remote Advisor Benefits:
    • Broader Options: Access to top advisors regardless of location, increasing your choices.
    • Convenience: Meetings via video calls, emails, and phone, saving travel time and increasing flexibility.
    • Technology-Driven Services: Utilization of advanced online tools and platforms for portfolio management.

At Exencial Wealth Advisors, we offer flexible arrangements tailored to meet your needs, whether you prefer the personalized touch of local service or the convenience of remote collaboration.


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