What Does it Mean to Be a Fiduciary Advisor? 

Being a fiduciary advisor means that we are bound by a stringent set of standards designed to ensure that we always act in your best interest. Our role encompasses:

  • Transparent Fiduciary Guidance: We uphold our fiduciary duty by prioritizing transparency in our actions, ensuring our clients can trust in our commitment and obligation to their best interests.

  • Making Unbiased Decisions: Our recommendations are based solely on what benefits you, not on how we are compensated.

  • Treating You Like Family: We approach your financial goals with the same care and consideration as if they were our own.
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Our Fiduciary Commitment to You

Our fiduciary duty is not just a legal obligation—it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our work. Here’s how we uphold this commitment:

Transparent Fee Structure

We believe in clear, straightforward fees based on the services we provide, ensuring there are no hidden costs.

Exencial's Pricing Structure
  • Wealth Management Fees

    Calculated as a percentage of assets under management, tailored to the size and complexity of your portfolio.

  • Financial Planning Fees

    A one-time nominal fee for financial planning, starting at $2,000.

  • Tax Preparation Fees

    Priced according to the complexity of your tax needs.

Personalized Financial Planning

We develop tailored strategies that consider your unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance.

Exencial's Financial Planning Services
  • Retirement Planning

    Comprehensive retirement planning that requires a holistic view of your financial situation to deliver on your post-retirement financial needs and goals.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Strategically managing your cash flow to ensure long-lasting financial security.

  • Education Planning

    Devising a plan to account for the rising costs of a quality education for yourself or your children.

  • Insurance Planning

    What types of insurance do you need, and how much? Our team helps answer those questions and ensure your security.

  • Debt Management

    Building a plan to manage and pay off debt based on your repayment goals and financial ability.

  • Balance Sheet

    Effectively and efficiently preparing your individual or organization’s balance sheet.

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Ongoing Support and Adaptation

Your financial plan evolves with your life changes. We continuously adapt our strategies to suit your evolving goals.

Exencial's E3 Philosophy
  • Evaluate

    Our collaborative approach begins with you. Understanding your current financial landscape (Evaluate).

  • Execute

    Together, we'll design a strategy that aligns with your personal goals (Execute).

  • Evolve

    Adapting to life's changes, we'll ensure your financial plan continues to grow with you (Evolve).

Holistic Wealth Management

From estate planning to investment management, we provide a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being.

Exencial's Integrated Wealth Management Services
  • Estate Planning

    We coordinate all aspects of our clients’ financial picture into their estate plans, creating an integrated financial plan that achieves their future goals.

  • Investment Management

    Globally diversified portfolios with a focus on value opportunities in the market. Our team of analysts, portfolio managers and traders oversee our clients’ investments.

  • Financial Planning

    Complex financial planning that is unique to your situation, crafted with our in-house team of experts with backgrounds in law, accounting, estate planning, and financial planning that execute our planning process.

  • Tax Planning

    Our team of tax experts assess your tax situation, identify opportunities for tax optimizations, generate tax projections and evaluate tax implications specific to client situations.

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Choosing a fiduciary advisor means choosing trust, transparency, and a partner dedicated to your financial success. At Exencial Wealth Advisors, we strive to build long-term relationships, managing the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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