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Our team is full of dedicated financial professionals who are passionate about helping our clients formulate a plan that achieves both their financial and personal goals. Despite our locations around the country, our teams communicate constantly and a driving principle of our firm is that success is built through commitment, integrity and teamwork. No one at Exencial takes that lightly.

Meet our employees, explore our team structures, and discover the people that make Exencial unique.

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*as of 9/30/2022

Ada Cartright, CPA, PFS

Alex Klingelhoeffer, CFA Charterholder, CFP®

Amanda Durbiano

Amanda Sasko

Ami Black, MBA

Amy Sewell, CPA

Ashley Patterson

Ashtin Bell

Austin Winsett, CPA

Becky Carpenter

Benjamin Courtney

Brandi Simmons

Bryan Rentschler

Caleb Dillard, CFA Charterholder

Caleb Stinson

Cassandra Colon

Cheryl Belk

Chris Meeks, CPA

Christian Patterson, CFP®

Courtney Turner

Craig Wezenski, MBA

David Poudrier, CFP®

David Totah, CFP®

Delia Garcia

Derek Northup, CPA

Derrick Longo, MBA

Dodie LaPiana

Don Pace, CPA

Dustin Schuetz

Erin Layton

Gianna Mossotti

Jacob Downing, CFA, CFP®

James Bailey, CFP®

Jared Snider, JD

Jason Brown, MBA

Jason Niebauer

Jean Wilczynski, CFP®

Jeff Baty

Jeffrey Hibbeler, CFA Charterholder

Jerry Georgopoulos, JD

John Brown

John Burns, CFP®

Jon Burckett-St. Laurent

Jon McAdams

Jose Rojas

Julia Ellingwood, CPA

Julie Cavanaugh

Karen Boschert, CRPC®

Kaye Haverstock Tahiliani

Kehoness James

Kristin Carlton, CFP®

Kyle Hafstad

Laura Fallis

Lori Stephenson

Mary Lynn Kayes

Michael Conerly, CFA Charterholder

Michael R. McGlashen, J.D., CEPA

Michael Wayasamin, CRPC®

Michelle Murphy

Mona Crone

Monica Sipes, CFP®, CIMA

Murphy Burns

Nancy Chapman, CPA

Nick Piselli

Norma Nieto

Pete Trontis, CFA Charterholder

Peter Hunt, CFP®, CTFA

Philip “Rusty” Ross, CPA

Punya D. Weerakoon, CPA

Randy Farina, CFA Charterholder

Richard Erwin

Sam Rice

Sean Kayes

Shad Besikof, MBA

Spencer Noble

Steven Hamilton

Tim Courtney, CIMA

Tony Saltarski

Viki Haas