An Overview of Exencial’s E3 Process

Our core philosophy at Exencial Wealth Advisors is “Integrated beats fragmented”. This means we can provide the best advice only when we have fully engaged clients who are willing to freely share information and exchange ideas. This view is at the heart of our E3 process.

E3, shorthand for “Evaluate, Execute, Evolve,” is more than a continuous improvement process — it is a guiding principle for our firm.

So what exactly does E3 mean? Let’s look at each part.

  • We first gain a thorough understanding of each client’s specific situation and goals, both financial and personal. During this phase, we use what we call a FORM analysis.
  • Clients tend to set goals in three major areas: Family, Occupation and Recreation.
  • Our job as advisors is to assist in this self-discovery, enumerate those goals and fully evaluate our clients’ means to achieve them.
  • We manage our clients’ strategies in a fully integrated way.
  • Our advisors coordinate a consistent flow of information between the investment, tax and estate planning teams.
  • We give our clients frequent feedback and meet periodically to assess their plans.
  • Changes will come, and a static plan can become outdated very quickly.
  • To proactively get ahead of any major changes, we use known life junctures to prompt a reassessment of our clients’ financial paths.
  • We evolve our approach as needed, creating a flexible plan that grows and changes with our clients’ lives.

E3 permeates Exencial, from our guiding philosophy to our work processes.

For instance, our investment strategies follow their own form of E3. We Evaluate our clients’ money goals and create a model portfolio for each client tailored to their needs. We then Execute trades to keep clients in model, and occasionally Evolve the model based on market expectations or changing plans. This cycle greatly improves our ability to provide the strategic planning needed to meet our clients’ familial, occupational and recreational goals.