Our Process


  • Client interview
  • Gather family, occupation, and recreational goals
  • Evaluate current financial situation in light of those goals


  • Orchestrate changes
  • Follow-through


  • Stay fluid and dynamic
  • As your stage of life changes, we help anticipate your future needs
Connecting our clients' Family , Occupational , and Recreational goals with their Money .
Our Approach

Integrated Wealth Management

bringing together investment management, tax planning and preparation, financial planning, and estate planning for a truly comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Investment Management

Globally diversified portfolios with a focus on value opportunities in the market. Our in house team of analysts, portfolio managers, and traders oversee our clients investments.


Prepared by our in house team of experts that file returns, generate tax projections, and evalute tax implications specific to situations.

Financial Planning

Crafted with our in house team of experts with backgrounds in law, accounting, estate planning, and financial planning that execute our planning process.

Estate Planning

Coordinate all aspects of our clients financial picture into their estate plans. "If it is not integrated, it is fragmented."



Tim Courtney, CIO of Exencial Wealth Advisors, provides an update on recent market activity

Created On: 12/17/18

B. Riley FBR managing director Art Hogan, Nuveen chief investment strategist Brian Nick and Exencial Wealth Advisors CIO Tim Courtney discuss the markets, which are paring losses that were triggered by President Trump’s announcement of plans to implement U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Created On: 05/02/18

Join Tim Courtney, CIO, David Yepez and Rich Erwin in our most recent Outlook video. Tim discusses global market volatility as well as macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that may come into play later this year While Rich and David explain new stocks they're introducing to our SELECT portfolio.

Created On: 05/02/18

Join David Yepez, Rich Erwin, and Tim Courtney, our CIO, as they discuss the current market status, developments within the industrial sector, and future changes within our SELECT Strategy.

Created On: 05/02/18


Spending and the National Debt Should Make More Headlines than the Shutdown(s)

After lasting 35 days,1 the longest government shutdown in U.S. history at least temporarily ended on Jan. 25, 2019.2

Date: 02/15/19

REIT Dividends and Sec 199A QBI Deduction

Most of what we have heard to this point relating to the new 20 percent Sec 199A QBI deduction1 has centered on taxpayers with operating businesses. However, there is also a QBI deduction available for real estate investment trust (REIT) dividends.

Date: 02/13/19

2018 Review and 2019 Market Outlook

Exencial’s first teleconference of 2019. These webinars are part of our commitment to keeping clients updated on the key market and economic factors driving our investment decisions.

Date: 02/01/19

Making Sense of Conflicting Economic Data

There is no denying the markets have been on a volatile stretch recently. The S&P 500 bottomed out for 2018 with a Christmas Eve close of 2,351, marking over a 20 percent drop from the all-time closing high of 2,930 reached on Sept. 20, 2018.1

Date: 01/28/19

What Has Driven Market Volitility?

The end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 were punctuated by market volatility.1 Over the 77 days between Oct. 9 and Dec. 24, 2018, the S&P 500 experienced a sharp pullback of almost 20 percent.2 Such an extreme decline is relatively rare, as are the volatility numbers from the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) over that time, which were the highest since 2011.

Date: 01/22/19

The Importance of Financial Planning

Dan Routh discusses the importance of Financial Planning

Date: 01/03/19

3 Market Developments to Watch in 2019

In this article, we’ll identify the three most important economic considerations for markets to keep an eye on entering the New Year.

Date: 12/21/18

SELECT Strategy: Quality Companies Designed to Navigate Turbulent Markets

A primary goal of Exencial’s SELECT equity research is to build a list of companies that are leaders in their respective industries. Our in-depth analysis of factors like revenue growth, profit margins, future prospects and industry influence allows us to identify companies that are driving forces in the market.

Date: 12/21/18

Weekly Commentary: 2018: An Odd Year for the Market Comes to a Close

There’s no doubt 2018 has been an odd year for the stock market. Fundamentals that typically indicate great market health haven’t led to great performance.

Date: 12/21/18

Exencial on Fox Business

Tim Courtney, CIO of Exencial Wealth Advisors, recently joined CNBC's Nightly Business Report to examine stocks that are less vulnerable during an economic downturn.

Date: 12/10/18

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