Our Process


  • Client interview
  • Gather family, occupation, and recreational goals
  • Evaluate current financial situation in light of those goals


  • Orchestrate changes
  • Follow-through


  • Stay fluid and dynamic
  • As your stage of life changes, we help anticipate your future needs
Connecting our clients' Family , Occupational , and Recreational goals with their Money .
Our Approach

Integrated Wealth Management

bringing together investment management, tax planning and preparation, financial planning, and estate planning for a truly comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Investment Management

Globally diversified portfolios with a focus on value opportunities in the market. Our in house team of analysts, portfolio managers, and traders oversee our clients investments.


Prepared by our in house team of experts that file returns, generate tax projections, and evalute tax implications specific to situations.

Financial Planning

Crafted with our in house team of experts with backgrounds in law, accounting, estate planning, and financial planning that execute our planning process.

Estate Planning

Coordinate all aspects of our clients financial picture into their estate plans. "If it is not integrated, it is fragmented."



Join David Yepez, and Tim Courtney, our CIO, as they discuss the current market status, developments within the industrial sector, and future changes within our SELECT Strategy.

Created On: 05/02/19

Tim Courtney, CIO of Exencial Wealth Advisors, provides an update on recent market activity

Created On: 12/17/18

B. Riley FBR managing director Art Hogan, Nuveen chief investment strategist Brian Nick and Exencial Wealth Advisors CIO Tim Courtney discuss the markets, which are paring losses that were triggered by President Trump’s announcement of plans to implement U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Created On: 05/02/18

Join Tim Courtney, CIO, David Yepez and Rich Erwin in our most recent Outlook video. Tim discusses global market volatility as well as macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that may come into play later this year While Rich and David explain new stocks they're introducing to our SELECT portfolio.

Created On: 05/02/18

Join David Yepez, Rich Erwin, and Tim Courtney, our CIO, as they discuss the current market status, developments within the industrial sector, and future changes within our SELECT Strategy.

Created On: 05/02/18

Our Team

We provide a collaborative, team approach to Wealth Management.

John Burns Chief Executive Officer
Tim Courtney Chief Investment Officer
Matt Ventura Managing Director/Sr. Wealth Advisor
Philip "Rusty" Ross Sr. Wealth Advisor
John Brown Sr. Wealth Advisor
Monica Sipes Sr. Wealth Advisor
David Totah Sr. Wealth Advisor
Jared Snider Sr. Wealth Advisor
Jerry Georgopoulos Co-Founder/Consulting Advisor
Tom McGuigan Principal/Wealth Advisor
Conrad Netting Sr. Wealth Advisor
Don Pace Sr. Wealth Advisor
Kristin Carlton Wealth Advisor
Richard Erwin Sr. Analyst/Portfolio Manager
Austin Winsett Wealth Advisor
Jean Wilczynski Sr. Wealth Advisor
Derek Northup CFO/Tax Director
David Yepez Senior Investment Analyst
Ashley Patterson Tax Administrator
Brandi Simmons Relationship Manager
Dodie LaPiana Relationship Manager
Carly Carver Relationship Manager
Steven Hamilton Relationship Manager
Cassandra Colon Relationship Manager
Lori Stephenson Relationship Manager
Julie Cavanaugh Operations Branch Manager
Caleb Dillard Chief Operations Officer/Chief Compliance Officer
Pamela Wood Director of Compliance
Marshall Welke Director of Operations
Benjamin Courtney Intern - Investment Team
Nina Carr Tax Advisor


Exencial on Nightly Business Report - August 9, 2019

David Yepez, Investment Analyst/Portfolio Manager at Exencial Wealth Advisors, recently joined CNBC's Nightly Business Report to discuss areas of opportunity in the equity market.

Date: 08/19/19

Exencial on Yahoo! Finance 8-9-2019

Tim Courtney, Chief Investment Officer at Exencial Wealth Advisors, joined Yahoo! Finance’s YFi AM program this week to share his outlook on the markets amid escalating trade tensions with China.

Date: 08/09/19

A Recap of Our Recent Webinar

2019 Mid Year Market Outlook

Date: 08/05/19

The Benefits of Asset Location

Paying taxes on income, dividends and investment gains is likely a sign that assets are being productive and are generating cash flows and appreciation, which is ultimately the goal for investors.

Date: 07/30/19

Exencial in the News

Amid escalating trade wars and a global economic slowdown, respected members of the media asked Tim Courtney, Chief Investment Officer at Exencial Wealth Advisors, for his market analysis. Check out a few of Tim’s latest broadcast highlights below for further insight.

Date: 07/25/19

Employee Spotlight: Meet Matt Ventura, Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor

At Exencial, our employees are the driving force behind everything we do. Matt Ventura, Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor, is the perfect person to spotlight this quarter.

Date: 07/09/19

The Recession Question

The third quarter of 2019 kicked off on a positive note. On July 1, the S&P 500 surged to new highs and the Dow gained 117.47 points following President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trade agreement at the annual G20 Summit.1

Date: 07/09/19

1031 Exchange Considerations for Real Estate Investments

There are many potential benefits of owning real estate investment property. One specific benefit is the ability to defer gains when buying and selling properties.

Date: 07/09/19

The Benefits of Rebalancing

A considerable amount of questioning, organizing and thinking goes into the process of determining how an individual should invest their savings. The initial purchase and weighting of securities and assets is the culmination of much planning and thought.

Date: 07/03/19

Should You Sell in May and Go Away?

The old saying “sell in May and go away1” has managed to endure for many years. It essentially suggests that investors should sell their positions in the stock market from May through October and buy back in for the often more lucrative period between November and April.

Date: 05/28/19

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